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Femworking is the premier mastermind networking experience for women.

Are you ready for chance encounters that will blow your mind? Are you ready for women to sit around a table and ask, “How can I help you grow your business?” Are you ready to start living your dreams?


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Who are we?

We are an exclusive, paid community of female entrepreneurs focused on building great businesses.

What do we value?

Femworkers focus on giving rather than receiving and trust that the generosity always come back multiplied. We operate from an abundant mindset and give to each other as much as we feel so inspired.

Why are we?

Femworkers believe that by plugging into each other’s networks, we create a network of networks, and are able to exponentially increase our own success and thus our positive influence in the world.

Why join Femworking? Let our members fill you in:

“Once you try it out, you’ll know what I mean when I say that Femworking goes beyond networking — it’s real-life endorsement (think LinkedIn, but in person and way cooler!) Seriously, it has been the best weekend investment – and I have no doubt that Femworking will grow from one meeting in one city to a whole movement!”

Heba Saleh

Founder & CEO, Eatluv, Inc.

“Femworking has been a godsend for questions I have in a crunch. Between the FB group and local meetings for call outs and shout outs, I have been able to find support for planning my first live event in 2017. I have beta tested a course to help me with my pitch and have served as a mentee for a member getting her advanced coaching license.”

Cordelia Gaffar

Founder and Creator, Workout Around My Day

“My experience with Femworking has been a spiritual one. The connections, the coincidences, and the helping hands we all extend to one another have been nothing short of phenomenal.”

Katie Morton

The Monarch Company

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More love from our members:

“I joined Femworking shortly after I launched my law practice in November 2015.  After working as an attorney at law firms for over 5 years, I took a leap into entrepreneurship and started an exclusively flat-fee law practice.  Over this past year, I developed a slamming 30-second elevator pitch, gained tremendous clarity on my ideal client, brand message and service offerings, and engaged in new speaking and blogging opportunities, all of which resulted from attending Femworking’s in-person/virtual meetings each week, and staying connected in the private Facebook community. Although business referrals are neither solicited nor expected amongst Femworking members, I was also able to organically develop new client relationships.”

Radiance Harris, Esq.

Attorney at Law, Radiance IP Law

“If you are starting a business or have dreams of starting one or have been in business for a while but want to grow, then this is a must join group. I had an amazing networking/meet-up with some local entrepreneurs and bloggers. I loved the energy and collaborative spirit of my fellow Femworkers. Thank you for organizing and inviting me to join. There is something amazing that happens when you get women together who want to help each other create and grow professionally and individually.”

Nicole Dash

Founder & CEO, Connect Authentically

“I am so thankful I found Femworking just at the beginning of building my brand and business. It felt like an instant family, with advice being given at each meeting that was not only actionable and spot on, but also words of wisdom and guidance that allowed me to push my boundaries and view my business from the consumer’s viewpoint. Being a Femworking member is like having my own private advisory board, and I now have virtual partners, fellow women in business who encourage me to thrive and truly succeed with no competition, who also call me out and challenge me to always better my offerings and my service to my clients.”

Naomi Hattaway

Owner, 8th and Home

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