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Join a mastermind by women, for women.

Because every solopreneur needs a tribe who gets her and a community who supports her.

Masterminds are Magical.

We know the power of community versus going it alone. Our FemCircle masterminds are a place to get out of your own head, lean on your FemSisters, and get the support you need.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Join


Aside from the built-in accountability of your regular FemCircle meeting, you can find mastermind partners inside of our community.

Your Own Mastermind

Choose a mastermind based on your availability and meet with your group to mastermind every two weeks.


You won’t find any cat claws or competition here. At Femworking we operate with love to help each other grow.


Each FemCircle (mastermind group) is lead by a trained FemLeader, who facilitates meetings and monitors individual and group accountability.


Build deep relationships that allow you to go deep about your business each meeting. Many of our members become close friends and it’s nice to have a solid tribe with whom you can share your ups and downs.


The Femworking community is a quality community, made up of kind, intelligent women.

Hand placed.

We’ll use the information from your application to hand-place you in the FemCircle that best serves you, the FemCircle where we think you’ll thrive.

If you are starting a business, have dreams of starting one, or have been in business for a while but want to grow, then you must join Femworking. I love the energy and collaborative spirit of my fellow Femworkers - there is something amazing that happens when you get women together who want to help each other create and grow professionally and individually.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to our private, Members-Only online mastermind group

  • A safe environment where you can learn and grow. No judgement here!

  • New ideas for business growth

  • 24/7 access to fellow entrepreneurs that you can use as a sounding board or ask for help when you get stuck

  • Amazing peers

  • Vetted business service recommendations

  • New friends and incredible relationships

  • Your own personal sounding board

Curated Community.

Your FemSisters are your ride-or-die business buddies who are on your level. We’ve created a loving community of women in a space where you can be vulnerable and get the help you need.

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Step 2

Make Payment

Step 3

Get hand-placed

14 Day 

Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Femworking has been a godsend for my business. Between the FB group and meetings for call outs and shout outs, I was able to find support for planning my first live event. I have beta tested a course to help me with my pitch and have served as a mentee for a member getting her advanced coaching license.”

At Femworking You Can:

  • ask for help

  • network in a safe environment, where we’re not smarmy and we don’t sell to each othe

  • share your dreams, frustrations, fears, and needs. You can be vulnerable with us (if you want to!)

  • find encouragement

  • bounce ideas off of business-savvy women

  • save hours of googling your way through your startup

  • get answers to questions that seem simple but are taking you hours to figure out

  • save money by finding out what you really need for your business versus what is fluff

  • find encouragement

  • bounce ideas off of business-savvy women

  • network in a solicitation-free, MLM-free, and direct sales-free zone

  • find the latest in best business practices


I joined Femworking shortly after I launched my law practice in November 2015. I developed a slamming elevator pitch, gained tremendous clarity on my ideal client, brand message and service offerings, and engaged in new speaking and blogging opportunities, all of which resulted from being a part of Femworking. Although referrals are neither solicited nor expected, I was also able to organically develop new client relationships.

Femworking is not:

Your well-intentioned friends who blow sunshine up your skirt.

Your significant other who can’t understand this world, no matter how hard they try.

Your parents who ask, “wait what is it that you do again?”

A sales group. Femworking has a strict no-solicitation policy. We don’t sell to each other, ever.

A place to hand out your business cards.

What kind of help can I get?

Femworkers use their mastermind meetings for anything related to growing their business.

Maybe you want feedback on a new logo, sales page, or email funnel.

Maybe you’re not sure what your next steps should be.

Maybe you want help with your pricing.

Maybe you need help with a difficult client.

Maybe you just need to connect with others who are going through the same things you are.

Pretty much whatever help you need in growing your business, your Femworking Mastermind Meeting is the place to ask for it.

I am so thankful I found Femworking just at the beginning of building my business. It felt like an instant family, with advice that was actionable and guidance that allowed me to push my boundaries and view my business from the consumer's viewpoint. Being involved in Femworking is like having my own private advisory board - fellow women in business who encourage me to thrive and truly succeed with no competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or direct sales consultants join Femworking?
At this time we are unable to support MLM or direct sales consultants. Femworking members must be building their own brands.
My business partner and I want to join. Can we have one company membership?

Femworking is individually based, so each person who wants to participate would need to join separately. For most businesses, membership in organizations such as Femworking is considered a business expense (but don’t take our word for it, be sure to double check with your tax professional). Each members is given a login to our members-only area on the website and would have their own profile in our private Facebook Community.

If I join, do I have to decide which meet-up to attend? Can I check out meetings at other locations or am I limited to only participating in one group?
We are one big happy family at Femworking. You can go to ANY TWO Femworking meetings a month. You decide which meetings are the most convenient for you. Just be sure to RSVP for whichever meeting you plan to attend. At this point there is no need to belong to one group specifically, although most people tend to stick with a particular group.

I am interested in joining, but I don't want to commit to anything without trying it first. Can I participate in a meeting before paying for membership?
Absolutely! We firmly believe that once you attend a meeting, you will love it and want to join. This is why your first meeting is ALWAYS free. Simply RSVP on the Femworking Meetings page and show-up for a meeting that is convenient for you. You will learn more about membership once you are there!