What is your business and how would you describe it in 60 seconds or less?

Sharp Plant Designs. We create custom-made and handcrafted accessories, embroidery, and designs. Sharp Plant Designs has developed a line of accessories which include: reusable snack bags which allows your family to save money and reduce waste and Snap Infinity Scarf which is a configurable scarf that can be worn and used in infinitely different ways. Sharp Plant Designs is able to provide custom graphic shirts as well as embroidered apparel to both individual customers as well as large companies and organizations with no order minimums.

What inspired you to choose this word, TENACIOUS?

It blends well with all three roles that I serve: business owner, wife, and mother. I need to be tenacious with my business. Not every day is a success and I need to keep on going regardless of what might be bringing me down. When it’s late and I need to get one last thing done. I also know that I will succeed and my tenacity to do so will see me through. I need to be tenacious in my marriage. I need to work at it and make sure that I am supporting my husband in the ways that he has supported me. Even when we have a bad day I need to be tenacious in holding on to the love and commitment we have to each other. As a mother I need to be tenacious both with and for my children. I need to advocate for them when they need advocating. I also need to know that they will eventually become adults and it’s my responsibility to make sure that do that. I need to make sure that they know everyday they are loved fiercely.

What are your 2017 goals associated with this word?

Take my snack bags into retail stores.

Grow my sales by 20% this year.

Grow my commercial clientele.

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