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What We’ll Cover:

Experience the magic of femworking with women entrepreneurs and participate in a lively workshop with local lawyer Rebecca Geller about the legal nuts and bolts of running your own business! Rebecca’s law firm is comprised entirely of women (almost all moms!) and she works with many women-owned businesses throughout the country. Save hours of time, money, and guesswork as Rebecca addresses:

  • how to know (for sure!) if you chose the right formation for your business (LLC, sole proprietership, corporation, etc)
  • how to form an LLC
  • whether or not to use services like Legal Zoom for your business
  • if and how to trademark, and the costs associated with trademarking
  • when client contracts are necessary and when you can skip them: do you need contracts for one-on-one one-time services? What about ongoing services? Could your clients potentially be injured while using your service?
  • what kind of disclaimers to put on your website (industry-specific)
  • when it’s okay to DIY a document (like photo releases or generic disclaimers) and when you need to invest in a professional
  • what to look for in a small business lawyer and what to watch out for
  • how to protect your written works (yes, we’ve heard horror stories about blogs and essays being stolen and used without permission
  • ways to save money on taxes through smart legal and business planning
  • easy, practical ways to protect yourself legally
  • what titles you can use for yourself? CEO, president, founder

Save yourself the end-of-year tax headache and learn what you need to know up front NOW. [Insert Name here] will answer your questions, such as:

  • if you need a separate bank account for your business
  • if you need a separate bank account for your business
  • software recommendations (quickbooks? freshbooks? outright? excel?)
  • whether or not you need to report your taxes on a quarterly basis and how to estimate them
  • whether or not you need to report taxes if your business is not yet profitable
  • what counts as a business expense and how to make the most of tax deductions
  • industry-specific tax deductions (Can I deduct the outfit I bought for this conference?  What if I get my hair and nails done?  Can I deduct my groceries if I’m a food blogger or vegan meal planning service?  What about my kitchen supplies and my actual kitchen space, can I deduct kitchen space from my house?)  You may be surprised here!
  • how to find a good CPA or tax expert
  • common things new business owners overlook or miss that can cost them big
  • how to handle “gifts” – the free stuff given in exchange for giveaways or reviews
  • the correct way to set up your business/tax structure
  • why you need an EIN and if you should use your social security number instead
  • how to handle multiple businesses (do you need separate EINs?)
  • tips for avoiding the dreaded a-word (that means audit, people)