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Do you ever find yourself envious of all those perfect quote images popping up on Instagram and Facebook? Do you want to be able to capture and share amazing quotable moments? It’s time to check out Word Swag!

Word Swag is an awesome app for iPhones and iPads (no Android yet!) that allows you to create stunning text-based visuals in a matter of seconds. Seriously!At first I thought this was just another fun app that I’d play around with (i.e. waste time) then forget about. Errr. Wrong. After my first few times on Word Swag I realized that not only was it fun, but it was a super easy graphic design tool I could use for my business.

From sending out tips of the day to quoting a Femworking member to breaking up paragraphs in a blog post, the possibilities are huge. The best part is that it’s almost “dummy proof.” Even if you don’t consider yourself visually creative, Word Swag makes it super easy to create flawless text images.

Great, But Isn’t #Instaquote Just Another Trend?

Well, maybe #Instaquote is a passing trend but you know what isn’t going anywhere? The need for great graphics.

This has been a long-standing principle in the retail and marketing world. High- impact visuals communicate a higher perceived value of products or services. In other words, by using amazing graphics and images, people are more likely to assume that you provide amazing products or services!


Word Swag is fantastic for both social media and blogging.

Social Media – WordSwag is perfect for on-the-go social media updates. Without fail, there are a handful of gems of wisdom shared by our Femworking members at each meeting. WordSwag allows me to quickly turn that quotable into an awesome visual and then post it on Instagram in, well, an instant!

Blogging – Blogs fair much better when there are great visuals to back up the written content. In the age of distraction, visuals anchor the reader’s eye to the page. Instead of popping in a stock photo, create a great takeaway using WordSwag. For example:

Femworking Meeting WordSwag2

How to Use WordSwag:

1) Download the app. Right now it costs $2.99 – and it’s worth every penny!

2) Decide on an image to use: You can take a photo, grab one from your camera roll, or use on of WordSwag’s preset backgrounds.

3) Insert your text OR choose from a ton of great quotes preloaded by

4) Go crazy with the text design options. There are a few upgrade options but I certainly don’t feel limited by the existing options.

5) Save your image and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email in just two clicks.


Voila! You now have an amazing image that’s eye-catching and shareable.

Give WordSwag a whirl and let me know what you think!


*Note: Femworking is not an affiliate of WordSwag. I just really, really like it 🙂