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If you have questions or concerns about Femworking, please feel free to contact us at any time. Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Why can’t Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or direct sales consultants join Femworking?

Answer: As much as we hate to exclude anyone from anything, the decision was made after a lot of thought and consulting with our membership. Femworking doesn’t by nature add value to these businesses. We focus on entrepreneurship, building brands, and business growth, in a way that does not particularly help MLM consultants. Most MLM consultants are working with companies and brands that are already well established. We are not in the business of referral marketing and in the past were really not able to provide any value to those solely in the direct sales industry. We do welcome entrepreneurs who are building a business or blog who also have a direct sales business, such as Maria Jose Ovalle, who does freelance PR, writes the blog Very Busy Mama, and sells Stella & Dot. In the beginning we had women coming to Femworking saying nearly the same thing every week, “I need people to host parties.” We weren’t able to provide them with people to host parties or buy their products, and soon we realized it just wasn’t a good fit.


Question: My business partner and I want to join. Can we have one company membership?

Answer: Femworking is individually based, so each person who wants to participate would need to join separately. For most businesses, membership in organizations such as Femworking is considered a business expense (but don’t take our word for it, be sure to double check with your tax professional). Each members is given a login to our members-only area on the website and would have their own profile in our private Facebook Community.


Question: If I join, do I have to decide which meet-up to attend? Can I check out meetings at other locations or am I limited to only participating in one group?

Answer: We are one big happy family at Femworking. You can go to UNLIMITED Femworking meetings a month. You decide which meetings are the most convenient for you. Just be sure to RSVP on meet-up for whichever meeting you plan to attend. At this point there is no need to belong to one group specifically, although most people tend to stick with a particular group.


Question: I am interested in joining, but I don’t want to commit to anything without trying it first. Can I participate in a meeting before paying for membership?

Answer: Yes, of course. We firmly believe that once you attend a meeting, you will love it and want to join. This is why your first meeting is ALWAYS free. Simply RSVP on the Femworking Meet-up site and show-up for a meeting that is convenient for you. You will learn more about membership once you are there!


Question: How do I pay for membership and how much does it cost?

Answer: Femworking membership is $39.99 per month. Simply visit the Registration Page to get your membership started.


Question: Why is there a one year commitment for membership?

Answer: We’re serious about creating an amazing community for you here at Femworking, and the one year commitment helps us in that endeavor. It gives you time to truly experience and fall in love with everything Femworking has to offer, and it also protects the organization against people trying to pull a fast one by joining for one month, pushing their services, getting to know everyone, spamming you, soliciting you, and leaving with a full rolodex. The one-year commitment helps weed out these types of bad actors. 🙂