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DC Femworking CollageFemworking is thrilled to announce its newest location: Femworking DC – with the dynamic and creative Heather Myklegard as its FemLeader! This location is special to us for so many reasons, and we want you to be a part of it!

Never heard of Femworking? Curious to see what it’s all about? Come join us for an amazing business mastermind session where we’ll help each other grow our businesses. You’re bound to leave with tons of inspiration, motivation, new friends, and accountability.  And because we’re thrilled to offer the Femworking experience to our DC followers who have been asking for their own location, we’ve got lots of special offers and gifts up our sleeves to make sure Femworking DC is a complete success.

RSVP for FREE now to make sure you get a spot for our first meeting January 25, 2017 at MakeOffices in Dupont Circle. 

And if you don’t get a seat to the first meeting, RSVP to one of the future meetings: February 8th, February 22nd, and March 8th – and every two weeks after that!

Seats are *very* limited so RSVP and reserve your spot now. (Curious why we limit seats? Come enjoy a meeting and you’ll understand! 😉

Meet Your FemLeader

Heather Myklegard Femworking DC

Femworking DC will be led by Heather Myklegard, a seasoned Femworking member and previous FemLeader at our Leesburg, VA location. She has garnered respect and love from our community as a tremendously talented and fun social media expert who enjoys using social media creatively to help brands grow.. So when Heather told us she was moving from Leesburg and wanted to start a new Femworking location in Washington, DC we were honored and thrilled to say “yes!”

As an entrepreneur and small business owner for the past 4 1/2 years, Heather brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to support fellow Femworking members. She is the proud owner of Social Moxie, where she has worked with over 30 businesses and managed hundreds of social media platforms. From realtors, to fitness professionals, to start up companies, she helps businesses identify their ideal client, streamline their online messaging, and achieve results that they can be proud of.

An Idaho Native, Heather has been living on the East Coast for the past 4 years. She has 3 adorable boys, a loving husband, and a sweet labradoodle. When she’s not online creating content and writing, she enjoys spending time with her children, finding new and exotic restaurants with her husband, and traveling as a family. While they miss the mountains of the west, they love the diversity and endless activities here on the east coast.


Heather Myklegard and her family


Heather and her family enjoying the sites in DC!

Join Heather as we launch Femworking DC – reserve your seat today.

All the Great Things People Say About Heather

Heather was my introduction to femworking and continues to be a model of what this group is all about. She is kind and supportive, and provides thoughtful, actionable ideas and insight. Heather is confident, yet not afraid to ask for advice. She has consistently amazed me with her generous and collaborative spirit and I’m positive the DC group will grow and thrive quickly under her leadership. – Heather Bartlow, Heather Bartlow Designs, Femworking Leesburg

Heather breathes leadership inside and out! She is sweet and smart and I knew right when I met her that I wanted to be in her energy, so I joined the Leesburg Femworking group where she welcomed me with open arms. I’m excited to see her continued growth in the Femworking organization because she embodies all of the Femworking characteristics. I can’t wait to see how she grows along with her members in D.C.! – Kaira Boston, Kaira, Inc, Femworking Richmond

One of the main reasons I knew I was in the right place at my first Femworking meeting was because of Heather’s readily apparent leadership. She leads so many of her sentences with the words “Well, what about … ” and you can guarantee that what follows those three words will be a combination of suggestions, thoughtful solutions and sometimes hard core advice that is delivered with sincerity, encouragement and with an intention to be supportive of her fellow Femworkers and entrepreneurs! – Naomi Hattaway, 8th & Home, Femworking Leesburg

Among the many qualities that made Heather a great Femworking leader for me, and one that appealed to me as soon as I got to know her, is her “going straight to the substance” attitude. This really works for me, in my constant attempt to de-clutter my thoughts, my business, my life! The way she leads the meetings, offers practical and really actionable suggestions, supports you, all reflect this approach to things she possesses, that have helped me go through the situations I have shared during our meetings with a new “I can do this” confidence. ~ Daniela Williams, Cucinamore, Femworking Leesburg

We wonder what amazing things YOU’LL be saying after you meet Heather. Don’t miss out on your chance to become a Founding Member of Femworking DC and meet this amazing gal for yourself. RSVP now

About Femworking

Femworking is the premier networking mastermind community for female entrepreneurs. Femworking allows women to connect and share ideas that will help grow their businesses. We meet every other week at a variety of locations. Virginia options are Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Leesburg, Tysons, and Richmond. We also have a Columbus, OH meeting and virtual options during the day and evening.

As a member of Femworking you’ll get honest feedback, accountability, motivation, and inspiration. We’ve really got something special going on over here and we can’t wait to meet you. You can expect amazing connections and growth. Our one-hour, secret sauce format for each meeting allows women to connect, ask for help, help each other, and thank those who’ve helped them. This meeting blends with organic conversation to create a networking mastermind experience that will leave you wanting more!

More Great Words About Heather

Oh I have so many things I love about Heather. She is a great listener, kind, attentive and truly has a wealth of business experience and insight to offer. Above all, she is a great facilitator and lovely to be around in a meeting or otherwise! ~ Lisa McLaughlin , District Line Co, Femworking Arlington

Heather is an outstanding Femleader! She demonstrates compassion, strength and openness that make her a natural leader. The girl walks her talk. ~ Julie McCarter, Expressive Photography and Wellness, Femworking Leesburg

Learn more and RSVP now to reserve your spot at one of our upcoming Washington DC meetings. Your first meeting is always free!