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So, You Want to be a FemLeader?

Femworking is always looking for talented leaders who can help us grow. Successful FemLeaders are:

  • great at building relationships and engaging members.
  • excited about helping other women succeed in business.
  • organized.
  • able to tactfully direct the flow of meetings. And
  • motivated in their own business.

Benefits of being a FemLeader:

We value our leaders and recognize that we have a responsibility to set you up for success and give you all the tools you need to succeed. Here are just some of the benefits Femworking will provide you during your tenure as a FemLeader.

  • Free membership!; Femworking will pay the your monthly Femworking dues for as long a you are a FemLeader.
  • Sales training; We provide you with the training needed to become confident and knowledgeable in sales. We’ll teach you the art of the sale, which you can not only use to close membership sales, but can implement in your own business as well.
  • Marketing training; We’ll teach you how to use high-touch interactions and build relationships that will grow your location. And again – these skills translate nicely to your own business.
  • Value-added webinars, workshops and events that you can apply for your own professional development.
  • Access to and support from Femworking HQ; we support our leaders through the private FemLeader Facebook group and regularly scheduled FemLeader calls.
  • Be in the know; we keep FemLeaders updated on all information that affects their role.
  • Ease of implementation; Femworking HQ provides overall marketing, administration, and maintenance for Femworking.

Our Expectations of FemLeaders

To provide our members with a consistent and professional experience, we ask that you commit to being a FemLeader for 1 year. Please read the following list of expectations prior to completing your FemLeader application.

  • Use the Femworking meeting formula to lead bi-weekly meetings at a local venue.
  • Grow your location membership using your thorough understanding of the Femworking principles and features to inform prospective members about the benefits of becoming a member.
  • Connect and engage with prospective members who join Femworking’s Meet-Up group.
  • Maintain professionalism during the meeting and in follow up conversations with current and potential members.
  • Being a FemLeader involves being very “high touch” – lots of engagement with and adding value for the members at your location. It’s not time-consuming, but is detail-relevant.
  • Be active in your location group and support your members.
  • Promote/market your group with assistance from the Femworking organization.
  • Post and engage regularly in the Femworking Facebook group and business page.
  • Engage and respond to posts by the Femworking CEO and Director of Leadership in the closed FemLeader Facebook group (once or twice a week)

If you’re interested in applying to become a FemLeader, please fill out the application. If you have any issues accessing the link please email our Director of Leadership Lisa Shaughnessy at