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Why You Need Femworking

More than 150 women banded together at the 2013 Femworking Blogger and Small Business Conference because they believe in  the magic that happens when you collaborate.

More than 150 women banded together to networking and learn at the 2013 Femworking Blogger and Small Business Conference.

Imagine you’re at a huge concert. You’re in the back of a sea of people, excited about what’s about to happen, excited about your dreams and your life, but you’re unsure of yourself, maybe you have a little self-doubt. You don’t know what steps to take to push your goals to the next level.

At Femworking, we raise you up and crowd surf you to the stage of the concert that is your dream. We believe in you. We’ve been where you are now. So we crowd surf you to the front of the concert and when you land on stage you’re still a little off balance, still a little shaky, but you look around and there is a sea of women supporting you, helping you, believing in you. You realize your dreams can come true. You stand up tall, shoulders back, chin up. You grab the mic, and you start singing that dream. And we’re with you all the way.

Femworking builds teams of female entrepreneurs to inspire each other to thrive. We offer a premier mastermind networking experience for women! Get dedicated support to grow your business or blog.


With Femworking You Get:

  • Amazing networking opportunities – attend any 2 in-person meetings per month, that’s less than $15 for each event!
  • Access to our private group mailing list
  • Access to our private Facebook group (a treasure trove of insight, tools, and feedback!)
  • Discounts on all Femworking events
  • Discounts on partner talks/workshops
  • Invites to social events and happy hours
  • Ways to improve your business and/or blog and make it more efficient
  • Profit clarity
  • Your own personal sounding board
  • An amazing team of peers and mentors
  • Unprecedented access to subject matter experts on member-driven topics
  • Referrals for locally recommended and vetted business services
  • Post-meeting “after-hours” and one-on-one time with Femworking members
  • Incredible relationships.

Are you ready for chance encounters that will blow your mind? Are you ready for women to sit around a table and ask, “How can I help you grow your business?” Are you ready to start living your dreams?

Membership dues of $29/month are paid through PayPal. Cancel anytime – no tricks or trapping here. By clicking the button below you are agreeing to our terms, conditions, and policies.