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Our Team

The Femworking Team works hard to bring value to our members. Our goal is to help establish a foundation for our members to grow, thrive and learn.

Kelley Sanabria

Kelley Sanabria

Kelley Sanabria, Founder and CEO

Kelley’s mission and message that we need to offer support, swap strategy, and lift each other up to grow together resonates with those she meets. Kelley believes that in working together, women are able to build partnerships, grow their businesses faster, and skip the learning curve of entrepreneurship. She is a master of cross-promotion, business development ideas, and networking opportunities.  She is a proud mother and an award-winning speaker.

Kelley believes that women can change the world through education and love.

Lisa Shaughnessy

Lisa Shaughnessy, Director of  Leadership

Lisa Shaughnessy helps small businesses learn how to maximize their limited time through Business Process Workshops and Online Tutorials. Lisa is also a speaker and writer on small business and marketing topics, including her latest book, Communication. Balance. Goals.: Discover the Keys to a Successful Women-Only Business Partnership. In her downtime Lisa loves to travel, golf, and hang out with her husband Rob, family, and friends.

We love her because: Lisa breathes life into the Femworking Leadership program. She is a consummate professional capable of handling the hairiest of situations and has worked magic to help us train amazing leaders. Without her Femworking would not be what it is today.

Caitlin McKenzie

Caitlin McKenzie, Director of Membership

Caitlin is our fearless Director of Membership, helping Members get the most out of their membership and making sure they’re taken care of.

She’s the founder of her own Virtual Assistant company and has many years of experience supporting individuals and companies at all levels. She’s passionate about helping women achieve their goals personally and professionally.

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two children. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and relaxing at the beach.

We love her because: she’s great with details! She’s caring yet assertive and an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better Director of Membership!


Coralie Giraudet

Coralie Giroudet, Director of Media

Cora is a french writer and artist. After going through art school and film school, she created her own green travel blog, “The Path She Took” before joining the Femworking team. She thrives to make our planet a better place through art and stories, working from everywhere in the world.

We love her because: she’s insanely talented and has helped take the Femworkng brand to a new level. She’s also a sweetheart, loves the Earth (so do we!) and is French (which is just cool).

Femworking Leaders

These are the amazing women who are leading each of the Femworking groups every two weeks. Visit our Femworking Meet-up Page to RSVP for a meeting near you.

Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin, Arlington, VA

Lisa McLaughlin is the Founder and Owner of District Line Co., a locally-themed apparel company based in Arlington, VA. Lisa founded the company in 2014 as a new mom with a yearning to create a unique creative company that would represent locals in the D.C. & Northern Virginia area. Since then, she has grown a t-shirt brand that has something for everyone, spanning historical figures, politics of the day and neighborhood character. Lisa is proud to be the FemLeader for the Arlington meeting and loves being a part of the vibrant, supportive and inspirational community that is Femworking.

Lisa lives in Arlington with her two young children, husband and boxer rescue dog. In her free time, she enjoys a soulful yoga practice, hot cup of coffee and getting lost in a good book.

We love her because: she always has innovative ideas for Femworking; ideas that make us better – and she takes the time to share them. She’s a great, down-to-Earth person, who’s open and honest about the realities of being an entrepreneur while raising two small kids.

Femworking Washington DC

Heather Myklegard

Heather Myklegard, Washington, DC

Heather Myklegard has been working in sales and marketing for the last ten years. She started in the health and fitness industry and moved my way through corporate, and eventually nonprofit. Heather quickly saw the potential that social media had for reaching like-minded individuals in a timely manner and jumped in with both feet. She started her own digital marketing agency in 2012 and has been working with businesses on developing their brand and telling their story.

An Idaho Native, Heather has been living on the East Coast for the last 5 years. I have 3 children, a loving husband, and a sweet labradoodle. When I am not online creating content and writing, I enjoy spending time with my children, finding new and exotic restaurants with my husband, and traveling as a family.

We love her because: Well, were do we start? Heather has been a part of Femworking since almost the beginning, sticking by the company (and Kelley) through thick and thin – because she believes in what we’re about. She is smart, incredibly kind, funny, down-to-Earth, and is uh-maze-ing at social media management and engagement. Femworking would not be what it is without her influence, patience, and support.

Marcia Sheehan

Marcia Sheehan, Tysons, VA

Marcia Sheehan is the Founder of Charmed Cardinals, a women’s empowerment society that focuses on personal development and enrichment through bi-weekly meet ups. She created the Charmed Cardinals society to fill a need she felt as an overwhelmed and overstretched business owner. The society is an oasis for women to heal, grow, and connect in person with like minded women twice a month. Marcia lives in Burke, VA with her husband and two sons.

We love her because: She is one of the most authentic people you’ll ever meet – and she’s an amazing leader (and Femworking Cheerleader!)

Michelle Winters

Michelle Winters, Virtual (Evening)

Michelle Winters, owner of SleepWell Sleep Solutions is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Michelle assists parents who have children who do not sleep well for naps, nights or both, in creating a gentle, respectful sleep plan to help their children get the sleep they need to be happy and healthy.

Michelle lives in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, 2 children and assorted animals including dogs, chickens, a goat and an iguana.

We love her because: She believes in the Femworking mission. She also happens to be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and if you join her for a virtual call you might get to meet an animal or two!

Femworking Virtual

Radiance Harris

Radiance Harris, Virtual (Daytime)

Radiance Harris is the founder and managing attorney of Radiance IP Law, an exclusively flat fee law practice based in the Washington, DC area. Radiance focuses her dynamic practice on trademark law, copyright law, advertising law, and business contracts and licensing.

She has worked with clients across diverse industries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She also has been recognized by clients, colleagues, and publications as an up-and-coming leader in the intellectual property law field and the legal community as a whole.

We love her because: Radiance brings her energy and enthusiasm to every meeting! She is also one of our best ambassadors as she name drops Femworking on all of her many travels.

Mix FitnessSara Lewis, Leesburg, VA

Sara Lewis (aka the Uncool Trainer) has a degree in Exercise and Health Promotion from Virginia Tech and more than 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. She empowers her clients with exercises to make their body resilient using a combination of releases and strength training When her clients leave their workouts, they not only feel stronger and looser, but also have better alignment and function. Sara is also is a freelance writer for and other publications. Sara lives in Leesburg, VA with her husband and young daughter. 

We love her because: Sara is a great listener. She’s always calm and confident and willing to give thoughful advice.

Femworking Ashburn

Jennifer Andos

Jennifer Andos, Ashburn, VA

15 years ago Jennifer escaped the ad agency world in Chicagoland where she designed products and catalogs, art directed photo shoots, and produced and printed millions of copies of catalogs for Fortune 100 clients.  When Jennifer started her company Paperfish Creative, she knew she didn’t simply want to be a freelance graphic designer – she wanted to create an agency that had more depth and offered more services. She added web design, formed partnerships with photo studios for professional photography, and brought on board a web developer/computer programmer as a contract employee.

In August 2013 Jennifer relocated with her family to Ashburn, Virginia and is pleased to say that with the help of Femworking I now have several wonderful clients in Virginia AND Chicago!

We love her because: Jennifer is very creative and thinks up new ideas to keep her Femworking Ashburn members engaged – which helps them grow their businesses faster! She is also generous with her fellow FemLeader and shares what she’s doing in her meetings to help other leaders.

Librada Estrada

Librada Estrada, Alexandria, VA

Librada Estrada is a leadership and executive coach empowering women. She helps ambitious women take action to create the life and career they desire through support, accountability, and tools through individual and group programs.

She lives in Springfield, VA with her husband and two children.

We love her because: She is one of the most dedicated people we know. She cares deeply about women business owners and their success. She is open and honest and is always there for her Alexandria members and Femworking as a whole.

Femworking Richmond

Kaira Boston

Kaira Boston, Richmond, VA

Kaira is the proud owner of Kaira Inc. where she supports business owners to get clear on their next most profitable step(s) and provides the accountability to make it reality! More specifically, she supports business owners as a dotted line partner to review and refine ideas, creates a practical implementation plan, and writes goals in order to increase the impact they desire to make for their clients and customers.

Kaira is originally from Richmond, VA and has moved back recently with her husband and daughter in order to be closer to her immediate family.

We love her because: Kaira is a great FemLeader who radiates positive energy. She is the biggest cheerleader we know! She is also a force to be reckoned with. She takes one look at you: your business, your vision, your path, your current journey, your missive … and then sets to work to reframe it all!

biopic1000x-wideNaomi Hattaway, Columbus, OH

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of the I Am A Triangle community and Executive Director of the I Am A Triangle resource site and social platform. She is passionate about community building and empowering others to thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home. 

Following a one year stint in Singapore, they are now back in the United States. Having traipsed her way from Florida to Virginia, she’s now – for the time being – in Ohio with her husband, two kids (a third has already left the nest), three dogs, and two cats.

We love her because: She is so open and giving, while expecting nothing in return. She cares deeply about the world around her and how women can make a positive impact.