Are you ready to grow a thriving business with the support of a tribe? Are you craving deeper connections?

This behind-the-scenes video shows how our FemCircle Masterminds help real entrepreneurs get real help, actionable advice, and accountability with REAL problems.

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First, we start with Shout-Outs.

Our proprietary meeting format starts with something unique: a chance to appreciate, thank, and have gratitude for the FemSisters who have helped you.

Then the Call-Outs.

The bulk of our meeting is spent on what we call callouts. This is YOUR opportunity to get help with something.

On this call, [skipto time=1:02:23]Heather got super vulnerable[/skipto] when she shared how she had lost lots of clients recently and wasn’t getting yeses to any of the proposals she had put out. She said, “I’ve got pressure coming from my husband and I just don’t know what I should be doing. Should I be trying to find a job? Networking more? Putting out more proposals? Help!”

One of my favorite things about this moment is when another FemSister challenges Heather. Notice her reaction. She isn’t threatened or taken aback – she just throws her head back and laughs. We’ve created the kind of community were we can challenge each other and we *all* know that it’s just in each others’ best interest, so we don’t take it personally. That’s special. (1:02:23)

Femworking Tapered Gold Rule

And Finally, the Built-in Accountability.

You’ll notice that the FemLeader in this meeting asks for and records accountability for each member’s callout. We find that when we hold each other accountable we get. it. done.

The best part? You don’t even have to keep track of your accountability. Each of our FemCircles is led by a FemLeader who acts as the mother hen of the group. She facilitates each meeting and keeps track of everyone’s accountability so that you can relax and be taken care of.

There’s nothing like having your very own sounding board of amazing women. A built-in advisory board.

A 24/7 community of fellow female entrepreneurs you can consult any day, any time (without EVER being solicited to!).

Wanna See More Callouts?

Check these out!

[skipto time=5:49]How the heck do I market my lead magnet? (5:49)[/skipto]

[skipto time=16:37]How do I set boundaries with my clients (during maternity leave!)? (16:37)[/skipto]

[skipto time=30:17]What are some strategies I can use to determine 3-5 focus areas so that my content is not all over the place? (30:17)[/skipto]

[skipto time=43:33]How do I make sure my taxes get done correctly? (43:33)[/skipto]

[skipto time=48:59]How do I create an amazing experience for my first employee? (48:59)[/skipto]

Femworking was built for the female entrepreneur who is tired of going it alone.

For the online entrepreneur who’s ready for some support.

Femworking was built for you.

Hi, I’m Kelley.

Founder and CEO here at Femworking. And before I had a mastermind, business was messy. I felt like I was going it alone, feeling in the dark. I knew I was committed to my business, but I was worried I was doing all the wrong things, that I was wasting precious time by focusing on the wrong areas and activities that weren’t actually going to pan out in the end.

Being a business owner felt like being in the eye of a hurricane. It was all swirling around me and I couldn’t see clearly. I felt frustrated by my lack of clarity, and my lack of success.

Now, I’ve got a tribe who supports me and I’m able to share that with you. The only way to do business is with a mastermind rallying around you.


Can you imagine…

having deep relationships with other like-minded solopreneurs?

getting fresh ideas and feedback whenever you need it?

24/7 access to a curated community of women like you?

always having a sounding board for your business decisions?

biweekly accountability to keep you on track?

not going it alone?

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Join


Aside from the built-in accountability of your regular FemCircle meeting, you can find mastermind partners inside of our community.

Your Own Mastermind

Choose a mastermind based on your availability and meet with your group to mastermind every two weeks.


You won’t find any cat claws or competition here. At Femworking we operate with love to help each other grow.


Each FemCircle (mastermind group) is lead by a trained FemLeader, who facilitates meetings and monitors individual and group accountability.


Build deep relationships that allow you to go deep about your business each meeting. Many of our members become close friends and it’s nice to have a solid tribe with whom you can share your ups and downs.


The Femworking community is a quality community, made up of kind, intelligent women.

If you are starting a business, have dreams of starting one, or have been in business for a while but want to grow, then you must join Femworking. I love the energy and collaborative spirit of my fellow Femworkers – there is something amazing that happens when you get women together who want to help each other create and grow professionally and individually.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to our private, Members-Only online mastermind group

  • A safe environment where you can learn and grow. No judgement here!

  • New ideas for business growth

  • 24/7 access to fellow entrepreneurs that you can use as a sounding board or ask for help when you get stuck

  • Amazing peers

  • Vetted business service recommendations

  • New friends and incredible relationships

  • Your own personal sounding board

And now, we invite you to join us. Once you click the links below, complete your application, and make payment, our CEO will hand-place you into your FemCircle.


We can’t wait to meet you.

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“I am so thankful I found Femworking. It felt like an instant family, with advice being given at each meeting that was not only actionable and spot on, but also words of wisdom and guidance that allowed me to push my boundaries and view my business from the consumer’s viewpoint. Being a Femworking member is like having my own private advisory board, and I now have virtual partners, fellow women in business who encourage me to thrive and truly succeed with no competition, who also call me out and challenge me to always better my offerings and my service to my clients.” – Naomi Hattaway, Owner, 8th and Home

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