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Terms, Conditions, and Policies

Femworking is a family, and as such we reserve the right to deny or revoke membership to anyone we do not think is a good fit with our family.  You will be asked not to return and your most recent month’s membership dues will be refunded.  You will also be immediately released from your one-year commitment with Femworking.

Femworking is a small business and your satisfaction is very important to us.  Your Femworking membership includes 2 meetings per month.  In the event that a FemLeader cannot make a meeting he or she will have someone else lead the meeting in their absence.  If there is no one to lead a meeting, or you are the only one who attends, you have several make-up options:

1) You may attend a meeting at another location, or

2) You may ask your leadership to schedule a make-up meeting, at a different time/location, or you may choose to meet with your group  virtually, via phone, facebook, e-mail, whatever works for you.  What’s important is that your needs as a business owner are met.

Remember that even if you cannot attend a meeting, you are still encouraged to have a callout for that week, an ask – something we can help you with!  So head on over to the Facebook group and add yours as a comment to the callout post pinned to the top of the page!

Your membership is valid for one year from the time of enrollment and you will be billed monthly on a recurring basis.  After a year your membership will continue automatically under the same rate and billing cycle as when you initially signed up, and you are eligible to cancel at any time by ending your subscription through PayPal – although of course we hope you’d stay with us!  😉

If you have any questions about Femworking at any time please contact your local Femleader.