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Welcome to my favvvvorite productivity hack (EVER) using two of my favorite tools: Trello* + Planyway.

This is how you can get your work out of our head, plan your week, maximize your time, and crush that productivity. 💪

I’ve long used Trello to manage my to-dos. Since we all have so much going on, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed. And by putting to-dos in Trello I can gain more peace of mind.

Using a tool like Trello means there are not so many things to do or things I’m worried I’ll forget about bopping around in my brain. They’re all safe and sound in a Trello card.

Step 1: Brain dump ALL of your to-dos.

Productivity Hack with Trello and Planyway - Cards listed in Trello

Step 2: Schedule everything

The Planyway App is the (GENIUS) connection between your to-dos and your actual calendars.

I’m not talking about setting a due date for a card in Trello. I’m talking about your task actually showing up in YOUR calendar.

Check it out –

Open Planyway and simply drag your cards to the spot they need to be on your calendar:

Productivity Hack with Trello and Planyway Dragging items from Trello to Planyway in Trello

Now look how they show up in my calendar on my phone.

Productivity Hack with Trello and Planyway Calendar image 2
Productivity Hack with Trello and Planyway Calendar image 1

Of course you’ll need to get all of this hooked up (think: connecting all the calendars) but it’s totally worth it.

Yes, setting up your calendars is a pain. But it is necessary for planning to be able see ALL of my calendars inside Trello + Planyway. And then the events from Trello + Planyway also show up in my browser calendar and on my phone.

Two-way synching is a beautiful thing.

Watch my full Trello + Planyway video tutorial below:

The podcast I mention in the training is Rachel Rodgers’ Million Dollar Badass Episode 017: How to Price Your Services to Avoid Burnout and Leave a Legacy. You can find it on Apple, Stitcher, or via a transcript. Mad props to Rachel for making transcripts available. I’m studying this content like I’m in grad school.

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*We are a referral partner with Trello and will receive a free month of service if you decide to join based on our recommendation, at no cost to you.