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Are you fairly new to twitter?  Do you have less than 2,000 followers?  Do you hope to be business or blog famous someday and have tens of thousands of followers?  I do!

There’s one thing you should know though, and it’s something I’ve never heard anyone talk about: the Dirty Little Twitter Secret.  Check out this video to learn the secret and how I deal with it.

Make sure you’re following @unfollowr on Twitter!  Here’s what it looks like on my phone when I get direct messages from @unfollowr:


Then @unfollowr tells you exactly who unfollowed you, so you can take action.  Many times unfollows are spam accounts, or those tricky mctricksters who get you to follow back and then take off a few weeks later.


Also check out my Tweepi post to learn how I manage my Twitter account, especially when Twitter tells me I can’t follow any more people!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve followed @unfollowr and your advice for managing your Twitter account!