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Femworking has been around for just about a year now, since we started in January of last year.  Our first anniversary coincides with the end of the year – a time that’s ripe for reflection, looking back and seeing what we learned this year, what we can do better next year, and gleaning any lessons from the previous year that may have slipped through the cracks without proper reflection.

Here are 3 things I learned in the first year of Femworking.

1) Always bring value to others.  This is the keystone of success. Keep this at the forefront of your business and don’t let anything supersede it. Never lose sight of bringing value to others.  Add value to whoever you can in whatever way you can whenever you can.

How do you bring value to others?  Is this at the forefront of your business?  Should it be?  How can you surprise and delight in 2014?

2) Rise above, be the bigger person, take the high road. Always. You will no doubt be dealt low blows in business. The kind of low blows that hurt your wallet, your pride, and your feelings.  Give people the benefit of the doubt. Learn from the challenges you face, soaking up every possible lesson or skill you can from the encounter.  Be relentless in your integrity and how you respond to others, no matter how tough it is. Take a day (or two, or seven) before reacting and responding.

Have you experienced any low blows in your business?  How did you react?  Have you taken the high road even when you didn’t want to?

3) You will have amazing people enter your business life. Cherish them.  These are your supporters and friends who can give you constructive feedback and propel you forward in your business.  Every business owner needs a circle of colleagues who they can bounce ideas off of, get feed feedback from, and ask for help.  When these people appear in your life, bring them in close; cultivate and protect your relationships.  Don’t take them for granted and don’t miss the opportunity to share with each other.  These are your best allies and an amazing resource.  Always have people in your corner.

Who are these people for you?  How do you help each other?

Leave your answers to the questions above in the comments.  We love to learn from each other and share experiences!