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As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to get (and stay) stressed out. In our “dream big” society, we often set lofty goals for ourselves and I know we can put tons of pressure on ourselves.

I also remember that feeling when I first started my business, when it was an obsession – when I gave up food, sleep, and self care because I was a little TOO into my business. And for a while there I had a pretty good balance going, but lately, I’ve had that wonderful feeling and energy that comes from being reallllllly into what I’m doing.

You know that feeling when you’re toiling away on a new project, creating something special for your audience or clients, or almost done with a new social media campaign? That’s been me lately. I’ve been staying up too late, skipping meals (and workouts!) because I have too much business passion. I’ve had to tear myself away from my computer.

when your passion for your business

When your passion for your business outweighs your own health – it’s too much. We know that stress is related to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even catching more colds. (And if you have little ones in child care you know ain’t nobody got time for MORE colds).

Or maybe you’re not motivated – and that stresses you out. You know you should be growing your e-mail list, coming up with your next marketing plan, but you just don’t feel like it. Maybe you’re burned out.

So I’ve had to force myself to relax. And it got me thinking, what’s the point of relaxing? Why do I always come back stronger after taking time away? Why does it always seem better for my business when I relax and take time away? It reminded me of a metaphor I had seen over on Alex Beadon’s blog. I modified it a bit and it goes like this:


An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When you retreat into relaxation you’re preparing yourself to launch into greatness.

You need to relax, to take care of yourself! You are your business’ number 1 asset – if you’re not well, your business is not well.

Relaxing boosts your memory and helps protect against depression – which if you’re a creative type like me you may be prone too anyway. We know that relaxation is connected to hormone levels and even insulin production.

Relaxing also helps you make better decisions, and when you’re the CEO of a company, that’s pretty important, ya feel me?

So, have I convinced you yet that YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS YOU TO RELAX? This month I want you to focus on relaxing. Give yourself time to do whatever is pleasurable to you. Put your business down for a few hours and read a fun book, do a word puzzle or sudoku. Journal. Bake. Play with play-dough. Take a bath. Give yourself a pedicure. Binge watch a show. Go for a walk. Sit by a lake. Whatever it is you do that relaxes you, I want you to give yourself permission to do it. Give yourself permission to leave a task undone.


And why do I say it like that, “give yourself permission?” Because I’ve had days where I’ve been sick, or had migraines, and all I really want to do is lay down and rest. And I go through this agonizing internal monologue, “Should I work? Can I rest? I don’t even know if I CAN work my head hurts so bad. I really need a break. But I should work. This is my time to work. Work hours are so important. I really need to get the newsletter ready. But man my head hurts…” Back and forth.

I’ve had times where I work through the pain, and times when I’ve given in and taken a break. I’m pretty sure I’m a better person when I take a break: I’m happier and healthier!

can't love your business

The bottom line is that you can’t love your business more than you love yourself. And I believe that when we love and care for ourselves ultimately we’re able to do more for ourselves, our families, our audiences, and the world. You have to fill up your cup before you can fill anyone else’s.

So, have I convinced you? Do you think relaxation is important? What do you do to relax? Do you feel better after you take some time to relax? Do you come back stronger than ever? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow me and Femworking on Twitter Facebook, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!