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Have you ever wondered why there aren’t as many females in government as there are males? Or why women are paid less than men? Or why that even matters?

I did!

And I put myself on a mission to find out why – by pitching a speech titled Why Women Matter to the founder of the Women Empower Expo (the fabulous Alexa Rose Carlin, who I’ve got a major femsister crush on).

She accepted and I began to hit the books, to research, and to explore. There’s nothing like knowing you have to present in front of a crowd (which ended up being standing room only, by the way!) to motivate you to do your homework.

And so I delivered my favorite speech ever, “Why Women Matter”:

In the speech I:

🌏discuss the current global framework in which women are operating.

👩explore current women’s issues – and most importantly why it’s so important for women to be empowered. 💪

💃focus on what makes women unique and how the power of sisterhood can change the world. 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️

📔teach concepts and philosophies women can use to collaborate and bring the feminine to a whole new level.💁🎉

Giving this speech felt amazing. I loved every second of it. Like the diversity I found in that room of women. Like when I could see women smiling and nodding through the speech. When I could see lightbulbs going off. When women came up to me after to offer their praise, their support, and take selfies! (I felt so famous!) 😉

It felt like my heart was exploding, because I love sharing what’s important with me in the world. If you want to do the same, I want you to download our free speaker one sheet right now. Personalize it for yourself. Use it to get a speaking gig, and then come back here and tell me about it!

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