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Stuck choosing your word of the year? Me too.

I get stuck every year, but every year I always end up with a word. So today I’m sharing my 5 tops for choosing your word of the year (+ 200 suggestions!)

And choosing a word of the year is important because it can act as a guidepost for the year, guiding you as you set your intentions, decide priorities, and choose a focus area.

Each year, Femworkers choose their words and share them in our community. We make it fun: we set it up as a challenge where they can win a prize, earn hearts points and badges in our membership community and we incentivize them to make a video sharing with the group what word they chose and why.

Not only is that an amazing way for our members to get to know each other. Those videos have proven to be great time capsules for us to review each year.

This year, our members chose words like Rise, Impact, Visibility, Overflow, Honor, Flow, Thrive, and Fun.

There are different seasons of life and business for everyone, and our words reflect that. Previous words for me have been Unrecognizable, Nourish, and Consistency.

Here are 5 tips for choosing your word of the year:

  1. Give it time. Every year I get worried about not finding a word for the year (I know, ridiculous…), or the word not coming to me, but every year it does. Be patient with the process.
  2. Give it space! Sometimes you need to meditate on life or your business. Think about what you want to call into them this year. What do you want for yourself? Dream big. Let your mind breathe.
  3. Let it come to you. Your word is often something that you need, and it will make its way to you organically. Don’t force it.
  4. Let your word be what it is. You’ll know its your word when it hits you, and it may not be what you were expecting. It might be a really fun, sexy word, or it might not. Don’t worry about what anyone else will think of your word. Don’t worry about it not being “cool” enough. You do you. Let your word be what it is.
  5. Use a jumping off point. Choosing a word can be overwhelming, so I wanted to make it a little easier for you. Check out our printable with over 200 words to get you started. Just print it out, highlight the ones that most stand out to you, give yourself some time, and let the final word come to you. Start with help.

Download our Free Printable Word of the Year Starter Guide (no email required!)

word of the year starter guide

Click here to download your free word of the year starter guide.

Journal Prompts

Once you’ve got your word, it can be fun to journal about it. Here are some word of the year journal prompts:

  1. Why did you pick your word of the year, what does it mean to you?
  2. What inspired you to choose this word?
  3. What are the goals associated with your word?

And finally, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Leave us a comment with your word of the year and what it means to you!

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